Paris Hill
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Established in 1998 our vineyard produces highly acclaimed Australian Wines from Italian Vines at Uraidla in the Piccadilly Valley in the Adelaide Hills South Australia.

In 2001 a visit from Dr Alberto Antonini, consultant wine maker and viticulturalist, confirmed the suitability of the site for the varieties we planned to plant. Since then many Italian varieties have been planted and as they mature the wines will reflect our unique terroir. In 2016 Decanter Magazine named Alberto as one of the world’s top five winemakers.

Our varieties include Vermentino, Prosecco, Moscato-Giallo, Dolcetto, Lambrusco Maestri, Sangiovese and Brachetto.

From Sicily we have Grillo and Nero d’Avola. We also have a collection of lesser known Italian varietals for assessment.


We respect our environment with earth friendly practices, including introduced beneficial insects for pest control, netting for bird protection at harvest and minimal irrigation. At harvest the grapes are handpicked into small crates and processed in our onsite winery. We don’t make wine for other people and we don’t have our wines made under contract for us by other wineries.

Some wines are made with wild vineyard yeast and others with commercial yeast.
Red wines are made using terracotta amphora and stainless steel. White wines are made in stainless steel and some fermented on skins in amphora.
Our wines are bottled under screwcaps for freshness and longevity, no need for a cork screw.